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Friday, 28 September 2012

Knitted Goodies

I'm back up in Scotland again and am doing my best to keep up with uni work as well as making a few bits and pieces when I get the chance.

My Mum threw away my car keyring :( . It was a wee leather elephant from thailand, sort of a mini toy all hand stitched together. The bit of leather holding it onto the metal came loose and I put it on my counter at home to sew up the next day. When I went to sew it it was gone and my Mother confessed to putting it in the bin.. without even asking.
So I needed a new keyring and decided to knit one:

 I also saw a lovely knitted iPad/laptop case online, but it cost loads and I thought "Why don't I just make one?". So I pottered along to Hobbycraft and got some cheap sale yarn (£2 a ball, score) that was nice and thick and soft and knitted some double moss stitch sides, darned them together and added a button. Done:

And that is pretty much all I've done. I did buy a pattern for a dress and am hoping to get a chance during my reading week to get that started, but I'm so busy with uni stiff that it's already a miracle I managed to finish these!



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