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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bits & Bobs

I went shopping in London today and got some fun new things and lots of wool! Topshop has the best socks right now, getting sorted for winter with new socks, lovethem.
I've been knitting when I can and have finished a couple more segments of my Slytherin scarf that I'm working on. I bought wool for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw too, I still need to find some decent yellow for the Hufflepuff. The type of wool I buy doesn't have any actual yellow this season, just mustards and pale yellows, so it'll be the last one I make I think when the new seasons colours come out.

I've also bought a few nice vintagey things on eBay and new Urban Outfitters things too... This is one of the vintage dresses that I bought from Princes Vintage on eBay.  Such a nice collar :)


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Portsmouth & Cushion Covers

So I've been insanely busy with work and all sorts over the last wee while. I've been trying to finish things but more and more has come up. I've been busy most weekend seeing people and exploring places and I was away for the last week down in Portsmouth on a work training course (staying in a 4 star hotel and eating out every night for freeeee).Here are some Portsmouthy pictures of the Spinnaker building, me in the Spinnaker building and the fancy fancy food we got to eat :)

I've been taking my knitting around with me, it's more portable that my sewing machine, and trying to do that when I can, I need to make a trip to John Lewis to buy more wool very soon though.

Anyway today I FINALLY managed to finish the cushion covers that I've been attempting to work on for about a month. They're for my Dad as a birthday present (a bit of a late one now) and I'll need to send them off first thing in the morning if I can.

I've made them in a sort of nautical theme, one being the dream scene of sun, sea and sailing and the  other being the reality of rain ruining the day.
I think they're quite cute, maybe a bit too cutsey to go on my Dad's boat so they'll probably end up in our sun lounge or something.

Anyway, hopefully I'll make more fun things soon, I've got some green lace fabric that I want to use for something, just need to plan what for.

Over and out :)

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