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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Last Days

I had a little niggle to make something today and I went to grab my sewing machine from my massive pile of stuff in my parents' garage/ I had plans in my head and was all excited, then I realised that my sewing box with all my thread and elastic is buried in a massive box and sealed up. So I couldn't get anything out. Figured I'd just do a little update on here instead.
I'm going to try and use up all my old fabric when I get to England before I get any new stuff, I also need to buy knitting things to embark on my new little adventure. I should have done this already to start on the bus to London, I might go and buy some tomorrow actually...
Almost time to move!
I've just had an amazing week at camp in Struan and am almost ready for the off.
Almost all packed, clothes from camp in the dryer. It's my not-so-little brother's 18th tomorrow so we'll have big celebrations then I leave tomorrow night to arrive in London town at 7.30am. Scary, but pretty exciting, stuff!
I bought my bed today, I hope it gets to the house around the same time as I do!
Anyway a friend posted this picture on her facebook and it is just so unbelievably cute that I must share



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