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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I'm in LANDANNNN - sort of
Moved in to my new house and it's rather empty. I'm still waiting on the vast majority of my things to be delivered - hopefully by tomorrow! So my room is looking rather bare, as well as containing a new bed with no mattress.
So I bought wool and nice new knitting needles for my 14 hour trip from Oban to Bromley and it has all gone surprisingly well. I've decided to make long knitted socks for myself and I'm doing ok with the first one. I started it on the bus and I've done a bit since aswell.

Not bad for my first try at it. I really like the orange-red colour aswell. Might have to buy more wool though..
My mum has pointed out that socks need heels..... I miiiight rethink and do something straight and boring for my first thing, we'll see what it turns into!



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