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Saturday, 9 July 2011


I've still not had a chance to make anything, but I thought I'd post something anyway, just since it's been forever.
1. my desktop, I just think it's a really cute picture.
2. same theme, there are some reallly good ones.
3. cocktails with my mum when she visited me in Edinburgh- she snapped this of me.
4. the car I WILL be getting when I have the spare money, it's not very expensive, but its an automatic, which is a drawback I think, but a nice wee city car.
5. Harry Potter movies will end as of this Friday, I have my tickets booked and I have listened to all the audiobooks in the tun-up. No comparison to the films obviously, it'll just make me see more clearly all that they've missed out.
6. I've been listening to loads of other audiobooks, mainly of books I've read before or ones that I can't be bothered to buy but want to listen to. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass were some of the refresher books I listened to.

I'm planning on actually doing a blog every few days when I move, my sewing machine should be a busy wee thing then. I'll make things, mend things, alter things, it'll be brilliant. I'm also going to start knitting again so I'll have even more goodies to post about.
I move down to Bromley on the 26th of July, it's pretty exciting, but right now I'm still in Edinburgh. My placement here has been pretty interesting, I've done some new stuff and helped out where I could. Edinburgh in general is brilliant, I'm staying in my sister Lizzie's new flat right now and tehy have a bit of a mouse problem, so I had to put down poison last night which hasn't been touched yet, I've also tied up the big curtains in the living room because I heard them running up and down them and it creeped me out...



At 24 July 2011 at 06:14 , Blogger Sara E.K said...

Cute blog! I'm now following via bloglovin'!


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