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Friday, 29 July 2011

Bow Ties & Bedrooms

So I have a complete bed, with duvet and everything. I also have curtains, so can get dressed in my room now! However my pallet of things from home hasn't arrived and won't until Monday, which means buying new work clothes when I meet Nick in London tomorrow, but that's fine!

I finished the orange meant-to-be-sock thing, it is not a sock. It is a multi-purpose type garment. I have used it is a headband the last couple of nights, its really cosy and soft, I like it. I also decided that it would make a great wollen bow tie for fancy-dress type occasions..

 I'm now copying a friend and making some woolen pants. I thought it was such a great idea, she's made a few and I think she has a facebook to take friends requests for pants, but I thought it'd be a good practice of increasing and decreasing stitches. It will also give me cosy pants for pjs in winter! They're going alright so far, I should finish them by tomorrow I think. Knitting while watching TV is so relaxing, I think my new housemate thinks I'm a bit strange though....

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