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Monday, 17 January 2011

Red Dress

I was in Edinburgh last week visiting my sister and after an amazing lunch at Yo! Sushi we wandered around a few shops. I really love the dresses in Urban Outfitters particularly the unique ones that are all the same style with different materials. I found this Johann Earl Fleur Dress
for £48 and tried it on in a gorgous yellow print with black lace front. I loved it, but £48 was a bit off budget for one dress.
I was planning on going to the Edinburgh Fabric shop the next day so thought I'd get some fabric to make a similar dress.
The Edinburgh Fabric shop, on St Patrick Street, is the best shop I have ever been in in my life, I only had about half an hour to spare there, I could have been in there for hours! It has everything. I bought a couple of really amazing colours and floral sheer mesh and some more elastic.
The next day I set to work on my new dress, here's the finished result:
some fabric still needed trimmed on the inside then.

The green belt isn't attached.

 This is my favorite thing that I've made so far, the fabric is so lightweight and flowing it's lovely to wear. For the third dress I have ever made I'd say its a pretty good job!


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