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Monday, 17 January 2011

My First Sewing Ventures

In the summer my boyfriend and I were going to "The Discworld Convention" and I needed an appropriate outfit to dress as a Seamstress (prostitute), I know, I am SO cool. I had a corset, I just needed a matching skirt which I planned to sew by hand. Luckily I ended up talking to a woman that had a sewing machine near my boyfriend's home and she said I could come over and use it.
So I made a my first skirt, in gold silk and satin, to start with: 

I wore it at halloween too:
 Then I had a masquerade ball to go to and decided to make green skirt for my green corset (pictured above), I used a friend's sewing machine for that:
After these I went home for a visit and told my mum I was thinking of buying a sewing machine. It turned out that my Granny's old sewing machine, that I thought my mum had sold when my Gran passed away, was in the loft of our garage. It is a 1961 Singer still in it's original carry case. It had been unused in 35 years! I took it down from the loft and cleaned it, it was COVERED in cobwebs and there were some dead insects scattered inside. We were half expecting it not to work, but it did!

So I made a couple of little things just for fun to try out my "new" machine.
It only does one straight stitch and nothing fancy just forwards and backwards, but it's mine now and I think my Granny would be really proud of all the stuff I'm making now.


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